Desktop Computer Data Repair, Recovery and Restoration

Data-R-Us offers a comprehensive data recovery services in recovering the data from all desktop hard disk drives. We support all PC and Apple Mac desktop computers with any installed hard drive and any operating system.

The recovery rate slightly differs for different groups on drives (HDD are grouped by size range) and requested turnaround time. The good news for you that any selected firm rate covers all necessary recovery work for your particular drive crash situation regardless the causes of problem in data accessing.

Your device may face any of mentioned below issues, and all of them will be resolved to retrieve your files.

  • Mechanical hard drive failures (platter damage, heads crash)
  • PCB (printed circuit board) failure
  • Firmware failure/corruption
  • Software corruption
  • Blue screen of death
  • Accidental reformatting, deletion
  • Power surge, failure
  • Virus infection
  • and many others…

Here, at Data-R-Us, our success rate in desktop drive recovery is quite successful overall 99%.
Our highly experienced technicians and engineers are the best specialist to trust in recovering your priceless family archives or business documentation. We recover data for doctors and hospitals, wedding photographers and movie makers, students and science centers.

Data-R-US case tracking system will help you to monitor the recovery status and updates live. When recovery is done, you don’t have to guess what was recovered. Take your time and browse online on our website all recoverable files and folders. Search and research what was recovered and then tell us if you are satisfied with the result. If you could not find what you need, it’s free.

How to Prevent Unrecoverable Damage to the Drive

There are striking similarities between most of unrecoverable hard drives. Most of them simply were overused after initial malfunction happened. Data-R-US recommends stop using failed drive immediately you notice first threatening symptom of the drive doing wrong. Especially you should pay attention to any error messages on the screen, sudden unscheduled system reboot in the middle of your work and any noise from computer. Isolate the drive, test and fix the computer with spare drive to avoid any further damage to hard drive with your data.

The general problem with overused drives is internal failure of heads, and as result - dust and scratches on the disk platters. Again, the only recommendations for those terminal drive diseases are stop using drive, do not allow disk spinning, do not power the drive, give the recovery specialist a better chance to extract your files.

Of course, Data-R-US Lab is aimed to successfully retrieve files from any data device, regardless the complexity and condition of the medium.

How to remove the hard disk drive from your desktop computer

As you may know, to recover data we need the bare drive only. Normally, it is easy task to remove HDD from the computer case. Use your computer’s manual or our desktop disk removal instructions. When you extract the drive outside of desktop case, have a close look at the drive top label. Always a good practice is when you provide a picture of the drive label, or fill the order with written info with HDD model number, serial number, and part number in drive’s description section.

Desktop Drive Recovery Support for 3.5" HDD

Western Digital HDD Seagate HDD Samsung HDD HGST HDD

Few Live Recoveries

Leo B. Seattle, Washington United States: Seagate Barracuda 7200.11

Seagate drive shows zero volume instead of 500 Gbytes. I presume that you're familiar with such problem and how to repair broken Seagate hard drive (restore factory capacity) or just retrieve files out of disk. The folders with files of first priority are all inside of Admin profile, including the email files. I need this done ASAP (emergency service is selected).
I've gone through your recovery report, data looks fine. I've just logged into your online system and selected UPS Express option for a return shipping, and for data backup - external hard drive. Looking forward to get my files by tomorrow. Congratulations on the good job. Thanks again.

MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa Florida USA: Western Digital WD Book Essential 1000 Gb

Drive has a single partition only (Windows Volume). This drive was in my external WD enclosure that just no longer powered up after about 1 year of sitting on my side desk. It was not physically abused. I only suspect power surge may have damaged the drive's board (firmware?). I bought another external drive enclosure and still no power was coming to the drive. Besides, the drive doesn't spin with a new circuit board (no spin-up sound).
All required files were successfully restored.