RAID Recovery, Repair, and Reconstruction

Most complex RAID recovery can be done here, at Data-R-US. Most of our clients come to us when the number of failed drives exceeds the permissible redundancy value. For simple example, you have two failed drives in RAID-5 array of 3 drives. This RAID would work fine with 2 well functioning HDDs and one failed, or at least, would be recoverable with RAID recovery software on site or at some easy-data-recovery place. But when you have more failed or malfunctioning hard drives than allowed by redundancy number by your RAID, you are decently our potential client.

Hard drive repair lab with clean room and HDD-expert team is a must for a serious RAID recovery service. Data-R-US meets all requirements to deliver data to client from any RAID array, including RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, RAID10, and all other types and combinations of types.

We have a perfectly working remote file browsing system, where our clients are really enjoy seeing their recoverable data right from their business or home - online. Even if you had hundreds of thousands of files on failed RAID, you will be able quickly find the critical files among recovered ones, or ask the assigned to your case specialist for extra data integrity check for data of special interest.

And you pay only for the real result – and only if you are satisfied with the result we achieved in your RAID data rescue.

You may help our engineers to recover your RAID faster if you supply in order all known to you information related to your RAID and short story of what happened in advance, in the online order on this site. By the time your RAID unit or set of marked HDD arrived to the lab, we will be better prepared for fast recovery start.

DATA-R-US Customers

Here, you can read some of the comments from Data-R-US customers: small, large business companies or people living near your home.

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Few Live Recoveries

Roy D, Memphis, Tennessee: MDN1500 G-Force MegaDisk NAS RAID

This is a 1.5 TB external network RAID of two Mac-formatted hard drives. The box has both an eSATA port and USB 2.0 port. We had power outage, after rebooting the device's started asking to format hard drives; the technician from Staples checked the hard drives and found one broken. I have all my archived files on this drive, including financial records for the last decade and many family pictures and old scans. The RAID was connected to the router with Ethernet cable, all was set by default.
You are the best data recovery company, the one that very hard to find nowadays. The internet is clogged with the same names, where ones are asking the astronomical money for the same job, and the others smell so 'fishy' with their low prices and garage-based labs. I took my time going through hell while doing my search, but at the end I was rewarded - I found your company. My experience with you was great and its overall score, the results, money-wise, communication.

Atlanta Georgia: Seagate BlackArmor NAS 110 ST310005MNA10G

Cannot access this Mac formatted RAID-5. It was operating normally end then stopped. Did not been dropped, the motors start, no strange noises. Files to recover: QuickBooks archives, photos, documents, movies, and the rest of the files too.
All data items are functional again.

Terrance D., Chicago, IL USA: HGST Ultrastar 7K6000 HUS726020ALN610 (RAID array of 4 HDD)

The crash occurred during the copying some data from another computer to RAID; everything froze; after rebooting nothing came up - just a clicking sound from one of RAID hard drives.
Thanks for all you did to recover our data. We deeply appreciate it and would recommend your data recovery service to anyone in need. Needless to say, we have shopped around before we decided where to get the help from and luckily found your firm and sent it to you. Not only you have the fairest prices on market but your professionalism is really off the charts. Thanks a lot again.