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Rescue Lost Files with Right Data Recovery Lab

When disaster of loosing data has struck the individual or business, there is no room for the panic and erroneous decisions.
Where is the best shop for fixing the stuck or clicking hard drive and who can help to restore corrupted files? The wrong pick for help in repair a hard drive can be devastating for data integrity: the consequences could lead to inevitable data loss. Don't let that take place, may we suggest a few pointers that actually might help to avoid at least the most common mistakes when it comes to choose.

Obviously, you need professionals who deliver all lost data back to you. We aim to make the process secure as much for data safety, as for your wallet - especially in these days of global financial crisis.

What we do in Data R Us laboratory

We recover hard drives that have been already damaged (completely stopped working), or currently, present the symptoms of gradual deterioration that is becoming inaccessible, unreadable in a computer, network server, or external data storage.

In a nutshell, the hard drive failure happen when one of its components has become physically damaged or stops working entirely. You may consider applying for a professional-grade data recovery when data (files) on the drive are really valuable and worth this type of service cost.

Most significant signs indicating hard drive failure are pretty much obvious and simple to notice. Frequent computer freezes, system crashes, multiple and unsuccessful attempts to reboot - those symptoms are hard to ignore and raise the concern immediately. Other failures are not so obvious at the first glance, but they are also very dangerous for data safety. Those seemingly little problems (at the beginning) may grow slowly, accumulating the harm effects till final crash. Excessive delays on attempt to access folders and files, growing number of missing files – all those problems are caused by rising number of bad, inaccessible sectors on the drive. If such symptoms ignored or unnoticed, the drive will eventually completely disappear as a functioning device for a computer. In some cases it happened silently, without warnings or error messages, but in extreme situations (drive catastrophe) - accompanying with clicking or grinding sound of failed HDD heads plowing the data disks inside.

Data R US deals with all kinds of drive’s failures at most advanced technological level achievable in industry however the chance of successful result will depend not only on the competence of data recovery specialist, but also on the physical condition of device. More data may be restored from the device that was preserved for data recovery service at first symptoms of its physical failure.

Typical Data Recovery cases for typical drives

Avoid short stops. Go straight to professionals

When the data storage becomes inaccessible, the device is not recognized by computer, or device is recognized by computer but is not accessible - the data storage is in trouble, thus the data has to be retrieved. And to do so, you must look for the professional help. Go straight to the professional data recovery. Avoid any short stops by local computer repair shops, IT consultants, tech-savvy friends and such - as those will not only not recover your data but quiet possible make it permanently unrecoverable by unprofessional handling the failed data storage. So, when you finally make it to the professional data recovery there will be so little to nothing left to recover from the failed device due to its condition : ruined beyond recoverable.

When is to seek for data recovery?

The short answer is the sooner - the better, i.e. with the first symptoms of drive lagging. The longer you procrastinate to seek the professional help for your drive at the same time forcing the failed drive come alive by powering up over and over - the more data is becoming unrecoverable. That is the fact. We've seen more cases than we'd like that got to us when the storage media is beyond recoverable due to persistent powering up of the drive after its first signs of failure, or any other DIY attempts.

Are all companies that offer data recovery the same?

No. The basic knowledge of data recovery is well-known general information. But what comes after depends on many factors, such as experience, skills, equipment, tools. As all those are formed in highly-sensitive information that each data recovery develops and keeps to themselves - never reveals to anyone. Each data recovery has its own tricks up in the sleeve - and that what gives the advantage before the competitors.

What makes Data-R-US stand out from other companies that offer data recovery?

Operating over two decades in data recovery industry Data-R-US made its name stand out as highly professional service at very attainable cost. Our FIRM price policy is praised by many. Our clients never get caught with outrageous "estimation cost" after "free diagnostic". The cost remains the same from the beginning of the process to the final result.

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