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Micro Sata Connectors used on Hard Drives and SSD

Micro SATA connectors (sometimes called uSATA or ╬╝SATA) on some of Samsung SpinPoint and Toshiba hard drives and SSDs have a specific design that is not compatible with traditional SATA interface. Of course, Data-R-US supports for repair and data recovery devices with these types of devices.

Hard Drives with Micro SATA interface
Micro SATA Hard Drive

Examples of Micro SATA HDD:

The distinguishing feature of this interface is as low as 3.3 Volts voltage used to power Micro SATA drives instead of traditional 5 Volts for regular SATA hard drives. To prevent from erroneous insertion of seemingly similar in appearance SATA connectors into Micro SATA device, the connector on the drive has couple of coding notches on the blade-connector. Micro SATA connectors were widely used in HDD and SSD with 1.8" form-factor dimension.

Solid State Drives with Micro SATA interface

Examples of Micro SATA SSD:

  • Kingston SSDNow KC380 60GB
  • MyDigitalSSD Bullet Proof
  • Samsung 256gb 1.8" uSATA SSD for Dell Latitude E4200 Z600 / Adamo
  • Toshiba Micro-SATA SSD: THNSFC256GAMJ 256 Gb for Lenovo Thinkpad

NOTE: Only certain models of laptops can work with Micro SATA SSD.

The list of supported laptops includes the following brands and models:

  • Lenovo ThinkPad X300 X301 T400S W510
  • Samsung X360
  • SONY VAIO TT series
  • HP EliteBook 2530P , 2730P ,2740P
  • DELL Latitude XT2 , D4200, Z600
  • FUJITSU P1630