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Virginia Data Recovery

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» Blacksburg

Biswarup M. Virginia Bioinformatics Institute and State University Blacksburg

The computer was fine when we left in one evening. When we turned it on the next morning, the computer did not come up (just blinks). Then we turned it off and restarted.
It came up with the message 'Press F1'. Once F1 was pressed, it came up with the same message 'Press F1'.
That continued for few times. Then we had sent the computer to our IT department. They told us: BIOS: acknowledges Hard Drive. Dell IDE Diagnostics: Error reading drive. Knoppix: No Hard Drive found.

Thank you for your efficient work in restoring our data.

» Richmond

Meghan F. Richmond

I spoke to a franchise owner with RescueCom, and he referred you to me. I believe his name was Tony. Here's the history: I put my computer into hibernate mode on Thursday night. I left it in my car accidentally overnight, and it was a very cold night. When I got my laptop out Friday morning, it would not turn on. The blue power lights were on, so I think it did not go all the way into hibernate mode, so I thought the battery had died. I plugged in the power source, and I got an extensive, full screen error message, black with white writing. It said something to the effect of 'Sorry for the inconvenience, but Windows did not start properly.' Then it listed things that may have happened (i.e. shut-down, freeze up) and then gave me options for what mode to start it in (i.e. Start Windows normally, last known good configuration, and safe mode). I called Toshiba and they told me to take it to a computer repair shop to have data recovery, then to do a system recovery with my CD. CompUSA said that my hard drive was not readable. He had put it into another computer. He said he could hear it spinning, but it couldn't be read. Then I talked to RescueCom, and a technician came out to do data recovery, but he told me I'd have to send it to a clean room. I believe his computer recognized my drive, but then just couldn't pull anything off of it. I then called their company today, spoke with Tony, and he suggested I contact you guys.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am so happy and thankful!!! THANK YOU SO...
Meghan F.

Sean C. Richmond

Compute froze up and after powering down and then back up it was not able to see the hard drive. Apple removed the hard drive and I would like to ship to you for data recovery.

Thank you very much for recovering all my data. I highly recommend
your services and passed it on to Apple. Thank you. Sean C.

» Springfield

Scott M. Augmented Systems Springfield

Originally the OS crashed, and when I rebooted, the machine recognized the disk at the BIOS but didn't get past the boot loader. The drive was then removed from the laptop attached to an IDE sled and tested on a different machine. At this point the disk would no longer spin and was not recognized by the BIOS, even when placed back in the original laptop. No other action on the disk was performed at this point.

Thanks very much,
-- Scott

» Virginia Beach

Joe M. Virginia Beach

Drive was making humming and clicking sounds and would intermittently not allow laptop to initialize. Drive appears to have stopped spinning as there are no sounds heard.

Great job!!! Thank you much for getting the data! I am so happy that I picked your company to deal with this trouble of mine. There were sooo many places with soooo high prices!!! that I thought I'd go in the lifetime debts over it.
With your $490 flat I'm so relieved and thrilled and satisfied and cannot ask for more. Superb!!!


Robert D. Manassas

Not powering on at all. There was a total drive failure on my computer. It could have been related to a power surge, not sure. An initial attempt was made to recover the files, but it was unsuccessful.

Thank You

Mark D. Reston

The laptop blue screened. The error on reboot was something like, 'no bootable drive found'.

Your work is greatly appreciated. Thank you for all your efforts.

WindoWare Inc Newport News

Drive DOESN'T SPIN; NOT visible in BIOS; failed in OS. No recovery attempts were taken. Drive is all original and intact. Please help.

Thanks for getting my data; I greatly appreciate your efforts.
Kind regards,

Byron W. Byron Woods Home Inspections Inc. Forest

The drive started making a wining sound, and then computer locked up.

Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank You