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» Baltimore

Roy L. Baltimore

Laptop shut down while running, would not boot. Examined hard drive, and realized that it was clicking on power on. Tried to put in another computer with no luck. No other recover attempted. Bad Spindle Motor suspected.


Yousuf G. Baltimore

Drive started making noises. Unable to boot computer. No recovery efforts made.

The new hard drive works perfectly, so does the boot-up process. Thank you so much!

» Columbia

Stuart S. Wizard Computer Services Inc. Columbia

Attempted replacing PCB however I have not found a match. Tried 4 different PCB's. Clicking or no spin with foreign PCB's.

Thanks for dealing with our problem in such a quick manner, all data look good. Your services are highly recommended at our end.
Respectfully, Stuart

» Silver Spring

Donald M. Silver Spring

I took this drive out of my old computer and put it into a new computer I had purchased. I wanted to then transfer the data to the new hard drive. But the new computer would not read the hard drive files (it did recognize the presence of the drive, but it would not read it). So I then reinstalled the drive back into the old computer and it would not boot up, giving me an error saying 'No OS'. There was also a message about problems with the FAT. I tried to get it to boot up with various recovery disks, but it would not work. I could access the drive with DOS and do a 'dir' listing, but 'Scanreg' just caused it to crash.

Thanks for your assistance with this. Great job!


Scott L. Hampstead

Clicking HD; Software recovery at local computer shop did not give any positive results.

Dear Recovery Team!
I'd like to thank you for the help and efforts you provide to people like myself when the day is so rainy. Thank you so much you for being such experts!!!

BizTech Fusion LLC Hanover

The major symptom of failure: Unable to boot computer. Downloaded SeaTools for DOS and ran short/long/acoustic tests. Results said passed on all the test, but I still can't boot the system. A clone or image of the original drive is required and all files copy-backup, too.

Well done, good and verifiable recovery.

Ximtek Solutions Inc Olney

Drive just clicks. Was working fine, then computer blue screened. After that could no longer boot. Could not read drive with a different computer. Laptop doesn't see drive bios, just says 'check cable'. Needed to recover all data and examine important files, everything under My Documents.

Excellent recovery, we liked the way you work. Hopefully, we can work with you guys in the futute.

John C. Laytonsville

Laptop fell off table top and landed on front edge on carpeted floor. Circuit board was removed in an attempt to repair drive. Drive was not opened. Still makes same pattern clicking noise.

Thanks for all your help in my situation, it's greatly appreciated. I'm good to be back on track. John.