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» Bloomfield

Matt J. Blake Equipment Co. Bloomfield

Known failure. I think the user dropped it. So it clicks with the power of death now.

Thank you

Matt J. Blake Equipment Company Bloomfield

Hard drive makes a CLICKING sound; failed in OS. Drive was sent to another recovery company who had to open the drive. However their recovery price was outrageous so we had the drive shipped back and now we are looking elsewhere.

Amazing service, fair price, it was a pleasant experience to deal with you guys.
Thank you very much,

» Hamden

Michael C. Quinnipiac University Hamden

XP downloaded & executed automatic updates the night before. In the morning, the disk would not mount. I get a Code 10 error--'this device cannot start'

Thanks for the speedy, great service. Fantastic results!

» New Haven

Chuck P. New Haven

Unable to boot computer

I would like to let you know that I got the discs with all my data and how much I am grateful for your flawless services: honest, fair, professional...


David M. Michael Allen Company Westport

Drive is NOT visible in BIOS. The first problem was that the drive failed to boot with a message that the NTLR was missing (or something like that). I then bought a new drive and installed a new OS on that drive (hoping to read this drive as a slave). I do not believe that any data has been written to the old drive since the drive's initial failure to boot. But now when I start the PC, whether I use a cable select or master/slave configuration for the two drives (old/failed and new), the BIOS reports a hard drive failure on this old drive, and the OS does not see the drive at all. The new drive works fine, suggesting that the problem is definitely with the drive, not the PC or controller.

Thank you, David M.

Shoemart Scott W. Norwalk

Unable to boot computer. This drive shows up in the bios however the drive is not recognized at all on boot. Also attempted to attach drive on two other computers as slave drive and it did not show up

Dear Data Recovery Team! I'd like to thank you for all of your support and efforts in recovering our data. We got the disks with our data files made another copy of it (just in case ))), we do not require you to store our data. Thanks again for your patronage. Scott W.