Data Recovery for VMware: Get Files off Virtual Partitions

Data-R-US specialists are able to recover data from damaged VMware Fusion virtual partitions on Apple computers with host Apple Mac as well as VMware Workstation virtual machines on PC computers with Windows or Linux host operating systems.

VMware data recovery with Data-R-US

Our experienced data recovery engineers can reconstruct even severely corrupted VMDK volumes and retrieve as much as possible user’s files from the raw digital image of damaged single hard drive or big RAID array. In some cases, under certain circumstances, we can recover deleted files from virtual partition (inside virtual machine), as well as from VMFS server.

Despite the fact that virtual partitioning imposes an additional complexity for every recovery case, Data-R-US highly-trained technicians are capable to deal with it at required level. You can help us to expedite data recovery process when you cooperate with our engineers and provide technical details about what virtual machine was running on your computer or server before the drive crash is happened, what virtual partitions, data types and its location were on the drive – of course if you can recall that information. Do not worry if could not recall much or any information about your virtual volumes or machines, people often forget many things when disasters occur to the critical data, we will track it down.

The best place to start virtual drive recovery is to submit our online form. Input few words to describe the situation and problem, virtual drive type, what the most important files are to recover first. Once the unit with virtual volume is in our lab, our professional data recovery specialists will refer to the information you posted in your order.

How much…

The price for recovery from Virtual volume is the same as recovery from usual hard drive or RAID if your Virtual machine was sitting on the array of drives. So you don’t have to worry what the source of data loss or source of drive failure was. All is covered by one of the selected service price for certain device capacity. Please refer to price page or go directly to order form (quote button), the price will show up automatically.

How can I check if the Virtual Volume data were recovered?
What is your guarantee…

No questions will be asked if you are not satisfied with the recovery report. That is way better than saying "no data no charge". As, we really mean it.