Toshiba Hard Drive Recovery

Evidently, the data loss accidents happen, despite how careful you try to be. It is inevitable that some unfortunate or unforeseen events will occur with the complex physical device such as Toshiba HDD. For the data recovery specialist who deals with real problems, the drive repair is not incidental part of the project. The digital data medium device must be fixed at least to the extent when more or less stable stream of raw data can be achieved in the reading process from the disk.

It is recommended practice to disconnect, remove and stop using the failed drive with data before the certified data recovery specialist safely check the drive, without making further damage to data.

However, connecting the drive to well-functioning computer for testing, backup, or running recovery software is the common practice for computer shops and advanced DIY users. There is always a danger of overusing already deteriorating hard drive before complete data copy is done. If you still want to proceed this way, keep in mind: If anything goes wrong during backup operation - like clicking drive sound, inaccessible data or the whole disk, warning or error messages, sudden reboot, or any other suspicious computer behavior - then you should immediately shut down the computer, remove the malfunctioning HDD, and apply for the professional data recovery service - for the sake of your data!

Data-R-Us specializes in data recovery of all Toshiba hard disk drives listed below and not listed yet.

Most often recoverable Toshiba by Data-R-US HDD-experts

Data-R-Us specializes in data recovery of malfunctioning Toshiba hard drives (listed and not listed below). We provide highly professional and extremely cost-effective data recovery service worldwide. We recover data for all people around the globe, but the majority of our customers are from United States.

  • 3000 Gb DT01ABA300 DT01ABA300V DT01ACA300
  • 2000 Gb MQ01ABB200 DT01ACA200 DT01ABA200 DT01ABA200V
  • 1500 Gb MQ01ABC150 DT01ACA150 DT01ABA150 DT01ABA150V
  • 1000 Gb MK1059GSM MQ02ABF100 DT01ABA100V DT01ACA100 DT01ABA100
  • 750 Gb MK7559GSM MQ02ABF075 MK7559GSXP MQ01ABD075 DT01ABA075V DT01ACA075 DT01ABA075
  • 640 Gb MK6459GSXP MK6475GSX MK6461GSYN MK6461GSY MK6476GSX MK6465GSX MK6461GSYD MQ01ABD064
  • 500 Gb MK5055GSX MK5061GSYD MK5076GSX MK5061GSY MK5065GSXN MQ01ABF050 MK5056GSY MK5061GSYN MK5076GSXZ MK5061GSYB MK5075GSX MQ01ACF050 MK5059GSXP MK5065GSX MQ01ABD050 DT01ABA050 DT01ABA050V DT01ACA050 External
  • 400 Gb MK4055GSX MK4058GSX External
  • 320 Gb MK3233GSG MK3255GSX MK3261GSYN MQ01AAD032C MK3254GSY MK3261GSY MK3275GSX MQ01ACF032 MK3252GSX MK3256GSY MK3263GSX MQ01ABD032 MK3254GSYF MK3261GSYD MK3276GSX MK3253GSX MK3259GSXP MK3265GSX MQ01ABF032 DT01ABA032V DT01ACA032 DT01ABA032 External
  • 250 Gb MK2529GSG MK2533GSG MK2546GSX MK2554GSY MK2561GSYB MK2576GSX MK2552GSX MK2556GSY MK2565GSX MQ01ABF025 MK2554GSYF MK2561GSYD MK2576GSXZ MK2553GSX MK2561GSY MK2575GSX MK2555GSX MK2561GSYN MQ01ABD025 DT01ABA025V DT01ACA025 DT01ABA025 External
  • 240 Gb MK2431GAL MK2431GAH
  • 200 Gb MK2035GSS MK2060GSC MK2049GSY MQ01AAD020C MK2051GSY External
  • 160 Gb MK1617GSG MK1629GSG MK1633GSG MK1646GSX MK1649GSY MK1654GSYF MK1661GSYD MK1653GSX MK1661GSY MK1675GSX MK1651GSY MK1655GSX MK1661GSYN MK1637GSX MK1654GSY MK1661GSYB MK1676GSX MK1652GSX MK1656GSY MK1665GSX External
  • 120 Gb MK1231GAL MK1229GSG MK1216GSG MK1214GAH MK1235GSL MK1233GAS MK1234GAS MK1234GAX MK1246GSX MK1237GSX MK1254GSY MK1252GSX MK1249GSY MK1254GSYF MK1234GSX MK1253GSX MK1251GSY MK1255GSX External
  • 100 Gb MK1011GAH MK1032GAX MK1031GAS MK1060GSCX MK1032GSX MQ01AAD010C MK1034GSX External
  • 80 Gb MK8007GAH MK8031GAL MK8016GSG MK8009GAH MK8025GAL MK8017GSG MK8050GACY MK8026GAX MK8032GAX MK8025GAS MK8050GAC MK8050GACE MK8046GSX MK8034GSX MK8037GSX MK8057GSC MK8054GSY MK8051GSY MK8032GSX MK8054GSYF MK8052GSX MK8049GSY MK8061GSYB
  • 60 Gb MK6006GAH MK6015GAA MK6014GAL MK6008GAH MK6028GAL MK6021GAS MK6026GAX MK6022GAX MK6034GAX MK6025GAS MK6050GAC MK6050GACE MK6037GSX MK6034GSX MK6032GSX MK6032GAX
  • 40 Gb MK4004GAH MK4006GAH MK4007GAL MK4008GAH MK4009GAL MK4018GAP MK4026GAX MK4021GAS MK4018GAS MK4032GAX MK4025GAS MK4019GAX MK4036GACE MK4036GAC MK4050GACE MK4050GAC MK4034GSX MK4032GSX
  • 30 Gb MK3004GAH MK3006GAL MK3008GAL MK3019GAX MK3017GAP MK3021GAS MK3018GAS MK3029GACE
  • 20 Gb MK2003GAH MK2004GAL MK2006GAL MK2008GAL MK2018GAS MK2023GAS MK2018GAP
  • 15 Gb MK1504GAL
  • 10 Gb MK1003GAL

Data-R-Us is the name in data recovery world you can trust with no hesitation. But if you still not so sure that Us are the right company for the job, see for yourself what Data-R-Us worldwide customers say about their experience with us.

Toshiba Recovery by Data-R-US in few words

Data recovery for Blue Springs, Missouri USA
Drive failed to boot and I re-formatted the hard drive to try to use it. Did that.
We appreciate your help in restoring the original data to this new hard drive. Thank you, Preston S.

Data recovery for Chris C., St-Lazare, QC Canada
Computer froze; I rebooted, 2 blue screens, then nothing. Drive is not spinning at all.
Thank you for recovering my data. I appreciate your outstanding work! Best regards, Chris

Data recovery for Tom from Bronx, NYC
Failed RAID-0 with two Western Digital Drives in World Book II NAS case has Linux operating System. Second HDD is in working condition. The first drive is failed together with a blown controller board inside the NAS box. The NAS BOX is WD World Book II (Blue Rings). From the research I have done the drive are in Linux raid linear format. WORD DOC + Photos are critical files, and all other files are less important, but useful too.
Dear team, thank you for excellent data retrieving result.

Data recovery for Ferring Pharmaceuticals A/S, Copenhagen S Denmark
The drive is making a very clicking sound; Sent system to Seagate, they told me the files were recoverable but their price was excessive
Thanks for all your patience, help and support in this matter. Honestly, I could not ask for more of anything, everything was just beyond 100%. Ian F.

Data recovery for USAF Gregory M. APO AE USA
Failed in BIOS or CMOS There haven’t been any recovery attempts since the hard drive won't show up in the bios.
Thank you for your help in this matter.

3.2" Toshiba laptop hard drive 3.5" Toshiba desktop hard drive
Toshiba Hard Drives: 2.5" disks for laptops and 3.5" - for desktop computers

Entrust your crashed Toshiba to a true data recovery specialist. The wrong decision made in the beginning of disastrous situation might cost you an inevitable data loss. Data-R-Us has been restoring the lost data from the malfunctioning hard drives by Toshiba for over two decades. We are truly the Professionals in data recovery business, delivering the best of the possible results. Our engineers succeed there where many have failed. Our clients are loyal to us: once they used our service - they do not look further! Our data recovery service is a guarantee of the high-rank professionalism.

In many cases we are successful to recover the whole operating system. Then a new hard drive may be used as a bootable clone of original disk. Check for details in Help section.

Toshiba laptop data recovery
Portable Toshiba drives