Shipping Instructions – How to make a package to Data-R-US Laboratory

Hard Drive Shipping

Few simple recommendations will help you to protect your failed media from additional damage during shipment.

Here are a few simple recommendations that could help you to protect your failed media from additional damage during shipment.

Select a proper packaging box

The standard size box to ship a single hard drive is 9" x 6½" x 2¾".
Use a bigger box to ship few hard drives from RAID system, or smaller to ship failed laptop drives. In general, the couriers recommend using a box twice the size of electronic unit to ship. Boxes must be sturdy enough to withstand shipping demands.
The hint: FedEx or UPS boxes for expedited delivery are free and perfectly work for hard drive shipping purposes.

Wrapping or Bagging

Anti-static wrapping is preferable, but not critical for failed hard drives. Aluminum foil for food wrapping works the same way. Even a simple plastic bag is good enough for this purpose and helps to keep your device clean from dust inside the box.

Firm Cushioning

The last advice before you seal the box: Make sure the drive is firmly cushioned from all sides and unable to move inside. There are plenty of materials can be used for cushioning. Bubble wrap and polyethylene foam are ideally suited as shock absorbing and anti-vibration material.

Other Shipping Details

To expedite the data recovery process we will email all additional shipping information in details immediately after you submit an online data recovery form. Enclose a printed copy of your order in the package along with a failed hard drive and ship to Data-R-Us Laboratory.