Seagate Hard Drive Data Recovery

The most-used hard disks in the world are made by Seagate. The drives, which are breaking down in its very own way, making your valuable data inaccessible, and you - devastated of the thought losing it irreparably.

The successful data retrieving process does not always require the internal parts replacements or repairs, such as fixing a zero size (LBA 0 GB) problem for Seagate Barracuda. More complex work for data recovery engineers comes with the problem that requires the ideal professional skills from specialist to handle the stuck spindle motor or malfunctioning reading/writing HDD-heads assembly. Data-R-US is trusted name in data recovery world. And knowledgeable people working in this field can confirm the fact that there are less than a few recovery specialists in the world who can safely remove platters from deadly stuck spindle without ruining data. One micron error in assembling disks to the new motor, and drive and data are wasted, beyond further recovery.

Clicking or noisy Seagate drive must be the most immanent and alarming symptom for you. Less clicks made your drive when powered on, more chances for the successful recovery. With the first click – stop & unplug computer immediately, if you want to reduce the risk of data loss. All you really have to do is not to panic and entrust your failed HDD to a true data recovery specialist. Yes, the utmost important step is to choose a right data recovery rescuer for the job. The wrong decision might cost you an inevitable data loss.

Seagate Hard Drives, External and RAID systems
most often recoverable by Data-R-US HDD-experts

Data-R-Us specializes in data recovery of malfunctioning Seagate hard drives (listed and not listed below). We provide highly professional and extremely cost-effective data recovery service worldwide. The majority of our customers are from United States and Canada. Also we recovered many drives shipped from Western Europe, Australia and Japan.

Few words
about Data-R-US
and How to proceed

If you're reading this page that means you're experiencing the data loss or trouble in accessing the faulty hard drive. Maybe you even were told by the computer specialist that you should seek for professional data recovery service, due to unsuccessful software recovery attempts to extract the data off of the crashed drive. Maybe you even have done some browsing looking for the right place to start the recovery process on your faulty drive and just could not decide where to stop.

You are at the right place to start. Data-R-US delivers the most cost-effective data recovery service. Our data recovery laboratories are operated by honest and professional specialists. We work together with our research science team for developing new data restoration equipment and techniques. Data recovery from Seagate hard disk drives was never an easy engineering task, and not many companies in HDD repair an restoration field can really compete with us at technical skills, experience, facilities, and the last but surely not least, the fair rates.

All you have to do now is fill out the simple online order, ship your faulty external Seagate storage device to our lab, and wait for data recovery report. No up-front payment is needed. You pay only when the data recovery process is completed, you received the recovery report and you are satisfied with the results of it. During the whole process, starting at the beginning, you may log in to your personal profile to see the latest update of the order. Data-R-US tracking system has many other useful features that allow you monitoring items like: shipping and delivery progress, selecting different payment options, making a payment, viewing the payment balance, and leave a testimonial or review of your experience with our company.

Seagate Barracuda for Desktop Computers
Data-R-US recovers all internal Seagate External
and External Drives

Seagate Recovery by Data-R-US in few words

Data recovery for Conestoga College Institute of Technology

I have been using the same drive for years to back up all my everyday work. I don't recollect having seen any error messages on the screen before sudden breakdown. On every attempt to restart, the drive's servo motor flinches abruptly and stops the disk spinning.
Very impressing result, I am very glad to see my work files again.

Data recovery for Dave P. Salt Lake City, Utah USA

Drive is not in Bios, makes a clicking sound repeatedly.
Many thanks and my deep appreciation for your excellent work! Dave.

Data recovery for Charleston Computer Repair Center, South Carolina

This drive is part of a larger raid array. The customer would not release all of the drives and only wants a clone of this drive. The customer realizes that there is no guarantee on data recovery on their side if you can clone the drive.
All sectors were restored from the crashed disk and copied to the functional HDD-clone.

Data recovery for David C. Computer Evolutions Inc. Middletown, Pennsylvania USA

Hard drive is not in Bios, clicking sounds on booting.
Many thanks for recovering our data. David

Data recovery for Chris C., St-Lazare, QC Canada

Computer froze; I rebooted, 2 blue screens, then nothing. Drive is not spinning at all.
Thank you for recovering my data. I appreciate your outstanding work! Best regards, Chris

Data recovery for Karen L. US District Court Fresno, CA USA

Drive is failed in OS Attempts by IT guy - not successful; says hardware problem. IO error. He did take apart the case.
Thank you so much!!! I am really frilled by your outstanding services! My highly recommendations to anyone in need of fixing this kind of disaster I'd gone through. Superb!!!

Data recovery for Kenneth O. Preferred Therapy Services West Warwick, RI USA

Drive is NOT visible in BIOS.
Thanks for recovering my data, Kenneth O.

Data recovery for Tom H. Huntsville, AL USA

Unable to boot computer
Thanks! your services are very honest, just as it is stated on your website - no gimmicks! Absolutely professional!

Data recovery for Patrick N. Oakland, CA USA

sudden appearance of 'NTLDR missing' message on boot. No drive noise. BIOS auto detect taking 30-45 seconds to recognize drive and then incorrectly. Dealership where computer and drive purchased attempted recovery. Reported they were never able to see the drive. They swapped the PCB with an identical model, fully functional, and moved the disk capsule (without opening it) to another identical unit with same results.
Thanks a LOT for you GREAT work...

Data recovery for Steve A. Bayer Material Science Baytown, TX USA

Drive failed with no warning. PC would not boot up as usual at the start of the business day. BIOS indicate drive error.
Thank you for recovering my data! Thanks!!! Steve A.

Seagate laptop disk data recovery
Seagate Micro-Drives

Data-R-Us offers data recovery for Seagate hard drives with ANY physical, electrical, or software failures. Often, in addition to data recovery, we recover the whole operating system that your computer was running before the crash occurred. That only can save you tons of time as there will be no need to re-install the OS with programs and you can start using your data files on computer from the point where you left off. Many, if not all, operating systems are supported, such as MS Windows or Mac OS.