Samsung Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery

If you encounter a data loss situation - the first thing you must check if your hard drive is failed.
If your data is really important for you, remove the hard drive from your computer and let the local technician check your computer, but never a hard drive with your data! You may try to connect your suspicious drive as a second drive to other computer to make a backup.

If anything goes wrong during backup operation - like clicking drive sound, inaccessible data or the whole disk, warning or error messages, sudden reboot, or any other suspicious computer behavior - then You should immediately shut down the computer, remove the malfunctioning HDD, and apply for the professional data recovery service. And remember, data recovery experts must be the true professionals in hard drive repair business.

Data-R-Us specializes in data recovery of all Samsung hard disk drives listed below and not listed yet.

Samsung Hard Drives, External and RAID systems
most often recoverable by Data-R-US HDD-experts

Data-R-Us specializes in data recovery of malfunctioning Samsung hard drives (listed and not listed below). We provide highly professional and extremely cost-effective data recovery service worldwide. We recover data for all people around the globe, but the majority of our customers are from United States.

  • 1000 Gb HD103UJ
  • 750 Gb HD752LJ HD753LJ
  • 640 Gb HD642JJ
  • 500 Gb HD501IJ HD502IJ HM500JI HM501II HD501LJ HD500LJ
  • 400 Gb HD400LD HD403LJ HD400LJ HD401LJ
  • 320 Gb HD322HJ HM320JI HD320LD HD320LJ HD321KJ HD320KJ
  • 300 Gb HD300LD HD300LJ HD301LJ
  • 250 Gb HD251HJ HD252HJ HM250JI HM251JI SP2514N SP2504C HD250KD HA250JC
  • 200 Gb SP2014N SP2004C HA200JC
  • 160 Gb HM16HJI HD161GJ HD162GJ HM160HC HM160HI HM160JC HM160JI HS161JQ HS160JB HS161JB-A HS16VJF SP1603C SP1634N SP1614N SP1644N SP1624N SP1604N SP1654N SP1614C HD160JJ HD161HJ SV1604N
  • 120 Gb HM12HII HM121HC HM121HI HM120JI HM120JC HM120IC HM120II HS122JC HS122JF HS12UJQ-A HS120JB HS122JB HS120JR HS12YHA HS12UHE HS12VJF SP1243N SP1203N SP1213N SP1213C HD120IJ SV1204H SV1203N
  • 100 Gb HM100JC HM100JI HS10XJC-M HS10XJF HS10TJB
  • 80 Gb HM08HHI MP0802H MP0804H HM080JI HM080GC HM080GI HM80JC HM080HC HM080HI HS08XJC HS08XJF HS082HB HS081HA HS080HA HS081HB-A HS080HB HS080HR HS08YHA HS08VHF SP80A4H SP8004H SP0822N SP0802N SP0842N SP0812N SP0812C HD080HJ SV8014H SV8004H SV0823H SV0813H SV0802N
  • 60 Gb MP0602H MP0603H MP0604H HM060II HM061GC HM061GI HM060HC HM60JC HM060HI HS062HF HS060HB HS061HA HS06THB HS06SHR HS06YHA HS06VHF SP6003H SP60A3H SP0612N SV6004H SV6003H SV6013H SV6014H SV0602H
  • 40 Gb HU040HP HU040HA HU040HS MP0402H MP0405H HM040HI HM040HC HM041HI HS04XHF HS041HA HS04THB HS040HB SP4004H SP4002H SP40A2H SP0451N SP0411N SP0411C HD042GJ SV4084H SV4084D SV4003H SV4012H SV4002H SV0412H SV0401N SV0401H SV0411N
  • 30 Gb HU030HP HU035HA HU030HS MP0302H HS031GA HS030GB HS03SHR SP3003H SP0311N SV3064D SV3063D SV3063H SV3002H SV3012H SV0301H SV0311H
  • 20 Gb MP0204H SP2002H SP20A1H SP2001H SP0221N SV2044D SV2043D SV2042H SV2042D SV2002H SV2001H SV2011H SV0221H SV2046D SV0221N SV0211H
  • 18 Gb SV1824D
  • 17 Gb SV1705D
  • 15 Gb SV1533D SV1532D
  • 13 Gb SP1366D SV1364D SV1363D SV1296A SV1296D
  • 10 Gb SP1001H SV1022D SV1021H SV1021D SV1023D

Data-R-Us is the name in data recovery world you can trust with no hesitation. But if you still not so sure that Us are the right company for the job, see for yourself what Data-R-Us worldwide customers say about their experience with us.

Samsung Recovery by Data-R-US in few words

Data recovery for Corey S. LLC Delafield, WI USA
Thank you for your efforts in this matter...

Data recovery for Bob S. Henderson, NC USA
Drive just quit. Operating system not working; will not boot; clicking.
Thanks, Bob

Data recovery for Christopher B. Data Clinic, Inc. Miami, Florida Unites States
Power Failure/UPS Failure. Drive is spinning and recognized in BIOS but won't boot. Unrecognized partition found. Tried replacing Drive PCB, same problem.
Thanks for recovering our data, great services! Chris

Data recovery for Mary S, Cleveland Ohio
This is storage drive with no known OS files on it. Windows stopped recognizing the drive. I did ChkDsk - it ran for 2 days, but didn't finish - a lot of bad sectors.
I admit I was very cautious in which company I chose as I have heard many horror stories about people losing their critical data after unprofessional and wrong help.

Data recovery for Christopher H. Los Angeles, CA USA
pretty sure it's a motor failure on the spin - has slowed down over the course of a week to completely useless. I have not tried to open it, but from listening to it, it seems pretty clear.
Thanks for your efforts...

3.5" Samsung desktop hard disks
2.5" Samsung hard disks

When it's time to make the right choice among data recovery specialists, it's not always an easy chore. Who is to trust with your valuables: whether it's a priceless work projects or the pictures of memorable life moments. Some companies may offer cheaper and more lucrative offers from the others. But make no mistakes and search for the company with a real professional data recovery many-year experience, highly trained technicians and tons of satisfied customers who are ready to share their experience. Data-R-Us has got it all and is the right place to start. We know that we can work your problem with malfunctioning Samsung hard drive out with the most possible positive results.

Along with fair and firm rates and explicit expertise in data recovery science, we offer our customers the true support in the order processing. As soon the online order is created, you will have an instant access to our internal tracking system: log in and get the latest information about current status of the placed order, such as: recovery progress, shipping, delivery, payment balance. The updates are posted the minute it's released to customer care department working in non-stop (24/7) operation.