Price for Successful and Verifiable Data Recovery Result

When you select a service with a firm price sticker, you don’t have to worry about how complicated the data recovery process is going to be for your failed device.

No more price games with data recovery vendor about diagnostics, estimations and evaluations. The process is simple: pick the price that matches to your device, follow the instructions to ship out your unit to recovery lab, view the result and if it satisfies you - make a payment and get your data back.

Hard Drive (HDD), Hybrid Drive (SSHD) and Solid State Drive (SSD) Recovery

No questions will be asked if you are not satisfied with Data Recovery report.
That is way better than saying "no data no charge". Because we really mean it.

Why Choose Us?

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What the price covers

The price is firm and never goes up. It covers all data recovery procedures that require extracting data from your failed device, regardless the data loss issue.

The most common problems that firm price covers include

  • Hardware errors (clicking and noisy drive, stuck motor, failed electronic components, other malfunctions)
  • Problems specific to device firmware and microcode restoration
  • Problems specific to Operating System corruption and software-related data loss
  • Recovery for particular application (emails, accounting systems, data bases, backup systems)
  • Encrypted data recovery (hardware-encryption and software-encryption )