Payment Options and Instructions

You should not make any payment before receiving the data recovery report from us. After recovery is done, you should check the result in the first place. If you have no doubts and no questions about recovered data, then proceed with payment.

Secure online payment

Your online payment will be processed on secure PayPal website.

To make the credit card or debit card payment, the PayPal account is not required to be set up. Any major card will work here.

Credit card or debit card payment

Data-R-US accounting and payment system integrated with PayPal secure server. By default, all service bills are paid online, and transactions are done on that server.

All major credit and debit cards are accepted for online payments.

Other payment options.

If you cannot complete the online payment there, please contact us to discuss other payment options that are suitable for both sides.

We can accept International Money Orders, Western Union payments, Direct Money Transfer to bank account, and others.