HGST Hard Drive Data Recovery

HGST, Hitachi, or IBM hard drive?

HGST stands for Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, that was founded in 2003 as a merger of the HDD-businesses of IBM and Hitachi. As of today, HGST is a wholly owned subsidiary of Western Digital. IBM stopped the production of all laptop hard drives back in 2002, when they sold the OEM hard drive division over to Hitachi. Therefore, some of technically identical drive models are labeled either IBM or Hitachi. The similar situation happened with HGST/Hitachi drive labeling. To avoid confusion, the recovery specialists refer to the model number when ordering parts for drive repair.

Many of the last Hitachi-labeled drives have a HGST twins with the same model number.

HGST and Hitachi Computer Drives, External and RAID systems
most often recoverable by Data-R-US HDD-experts

Data-R-Us specializes in data recovery of malfunctioning HGST hard drives (listed and not listed below). We provide highly professional and extremely cost-effective data recovery service for United States and worldwide.

Why going with Data-R-Us is the right choice?

If you are experiencing a data loss, the only way how to handle it right from the moment the crash has happened is to find the data recovery that can do the job properly, in the good order, without any further damage that can lead to the permanent data loss and unrecoverable drive condition.

Here, at Data-R-Us we specialize in retrieving lost data from crashed drives. Over many years we have helped thousands of customer around the world, who entrusted the professionals at Data-R-Us to restore their valuable data. Our highly trained staff, state-of-art equipment, two-decade experience, and fixed service rates make us standing out from so many competitors. Besides, some competitors choose us as the plan-B for the complex cases. No need to go further, that talk for itself.

Hitachi and IBM Legacy drive recovery

Data-R-Us supports all of those obsolete IBM and Hitachi DeskStar and TravelStar drives, because history of priceless technical experience overlap the time when first models IBM drives get recovered in our lab. The older Hitachi and IBM HDD models and parts you can find on Data-R-US website if enter the name and capacity into the search line:

Hitachi hard disks for notebook computer Hitachi desktop disk recovery IBM laptop disk data recovery IBM desktop disk recovery Hitachi and IBM Hard Drives: 2.5" disks for laptops and 3.5" - for desktop computers


3.5" Hitachi desktop hard disks
Data-R-US recovers all internal HGST External
and External Drives

HGST Recovery by Data-R-US in few words

Data recovery for Blue Springs, Missouri USA

Drive failed to boot and I re-formatted the hard drive to try to use it. Did that.
We appreciate your help in restoring the original data to this new hard drive. Thank you, Preston S.

Data recovery for Pierre-Yves S. Boca Raton, FL USA

The disk had difficulties been recognized at first - but was recognized with multiple reboot. Once rebooted, the system eventually froze. And now the disk cannot be mounted anymore.
...great, fast... perfect experience... THANKS

Data recovery for Pam F. Toronto, ON Canada

The computer was making a clicking noise, but it would still boot. Evenutally it stopped booting. We took it to a local computer shop and they got some but not all of the files.
Thank you. This is a pretty amazing job you have done on our hard drive. We are so pleased with the results as all our files are back, nothing has gone missed. I would recommend with a confidence your services to the others as they'd searched for ones.

Data recovery for Lance R. Birmingham, AL USA

Hard Drive is not in BIOS; makes unusual ticking sound.
Appreciate your excellent work in retrieving the data! Lance R.

Data recovery for Donald M. Silver Spring, Maryland United States

I took this drive out of my old computer and put it into a new computer I had purchased. I wanted to then transfer the data to the new hard drive. But the new computer would not read the hard drive files (it did recognize the presence of the drive, but it would not read it). So I then reinstalled the drive back into the old computer and it would not boot up, giving me an error saying 'No OS'. There was also a message about problems with the FAT. I tried to get it to boot up with various recovery disks, but it would not work. I could access the drive with DOS and do a 'dir' listing, but 'Scanreg' just caused it to crash.
Thanks for your assistance with this. Great job! Sincerely, Don

Got failed?

Got failed HGST hard drive and looking for file retrieving help? Lost or cannot access the data and going through a meltdown with the thought that you may not see your valuable files ever again. Slow down, do not panic. You have come to the right place. We can help you to retrieve the data from your non-functioning drive and you'll be back to the moment before the crash in no time. Data-R-US has substantial experience in HGST (and predecessors Hitachi and IBM) drives. Our specialists are the right people for this job, plus you will never be clueless of how much that is going to cost you, because the labor cost is FIXED and never changes, even if your particular data recovery case happen to be extra complicated one, requiring extra time and efforts to restore the data. We support all drives regardless the physical, electrical, or software failures occurred with device.