Hard Drive Data Recovery

Most failed hard drives that are received in our lab for recovery suffer from mechanical malfunction. When the hard drive stopped functioning, there is no point to discuss the operating system failures, lost files, corrupted partition on disk, and any other logical failures. The first and foremost task is to retrieve the digital raw image from the internal disk platters (inside the hard drive) by all means. In general, it does not matter what caused the failure of hard drive - heads crash, motor failure, or circuit board malfunction. Every drive's problem will be cured and data will be safely extracted, created the digital image will be used to further data restoration process at the logical or software level. The same data salvation schema is used for recovering data from RAID systems: RAID reconstruction starts off from working around physically damaged hard drives in array.

Why does Hard Drive Fail?

Leaving aside the disastrous events leading to hard drive’s death, like - flooding, lightning strikes, and tornado hits - there are yet many hidden pitfalls for your hard drive to get ruined, things such shaking, shock, vibration, strike, etc. are amongst the most dangerous, but common factors causing disk failures. The hard drive can also get destroyed by being nearby to the strong electromagnetic field. In seldom cases, the cellular telephone can cause the damage to the hard drive ensuing to the data loss. The power surge can create a lot of mess with drive and data, too.
Normally, the good hard drive can work at full stretch for years. The brand new hard drives crash as well, due to the manufacturer's defects. Few lost dust particles inside the drive are enough to trigger abrasive data disaster. A stuck motor, stuck heads to disks, vibrating spindle, sounds of bearings wear, clicks from inside the drive are most often signs of defective drive easy to detect. Other defects can be detected by error messages on the screen of the computer during booting process. By the way, choosing the right brand and model can add the great points in data protection plan.

How to recover data from failed hard drive?

Professional hard drive data recovery is impossible without the strong knowledge of digital technology, years of experience and heavy investments in recovery tools and scientific equipment. All diagnostics and internal repairing start in the specifically designed “clean room” to avoid the contact of internal disk platters with any tiny dust particles. Sensitive to any mechanical contact data media must be properly handled during any internal part dismounting or replacing. Especially critical for data safety is the proper work with the failed drives due to stuck heads or stuck motor.
Important notice: Inexperienced intrusion and recovery attempts may lead to further damage to the drive; ensuing the permanent data loss.
Our recovery service is safe and risk-free. We perform read-only operations on the source drive and never move, delete, or modify the data to avert more damage or overwriting. With special recovery tools, the digital information from damaged disks is scanned and placed to the image for the further data processing.
On completion of data recovery process, all recovered files will be saved to the new hard drive or other digital media of your choice and delivered back to you. By request, we can make a clone of the original failed hard drive that can be used in the original computer of failed drive when the operating system is not corrupted, or used in the attempt for system recovery.
Our service is well-known among IT professionals and technology users. The main reason why they choose to repair drives in our recovery lab is to get the best possible recovery outcome, probably one of the most expert in this industry. There are no surprises for us there, as we have seen many hard drives prior diagnosed “not recoverable”, but were successfully recovered here. Many of our customers can vouch for that. On the contrary, if someone tells you that lost data can be recovered in no time, we would take those words pretty cautiously. There is no magic in data recovery!

New and Old Drive Support

Data-R-US supports all types and models of hard drives (HDD and SSHD hybrid) for service.

Quick access to articles about SEAGATE, Western Digital, TOSHIBA, SAMSUNG, HGST HITACHI, FUJITSU hard drives provided on this page may help you to locate more details about your particular device.

Very old drives, the drives with small capacity, and all discontinued by MAXTOR, IBM and QUANTUM drives have full service support from Data-R-US also. To reach old and discontinued device repair info use search box on top.