Fujitsu Hard Drive Recovery

If you've got a faulty Fujitsu hard drive and the data is the really valuable for you, the best thing ever do is to take it to the professional data recovery place, like Data-R-US data retrieval service for bad or damaged drive. When computer shop or hired local technician are trying to backup your data from failing drive using software methods and programs, they rarely succeed in recovering all files. The second attempt, this time from professionals with the most advanced technology and skills may fail too - for the reason that drive already became unrecoverable in the first unprofessional try, by intense overusing device that suffers from malfunctioning parts - thus further damaging the hard drive with leading to possible permanent data loss.

Here, we have got everything to do the job right from the beginning: years of extensive experience, highly trained engineers, tools, equipment, fair price policy and thousands of grateful customers around the world. We can make the whole process of "data loss disaster" over as quickly as possible; most cases are done in one or two days with the best conceivable outcome. We guarantee a complete satisfaction or you owe us nothing - that is how confident we are that we can help you! The listed models of most often recoverable hard drives below processed in our lab with successful outcome regardless failure issues.

Most often recoverable Fujitsu by Data-R-US HDD-experts

Data-R-Us specializes in data recovery of malfunctioning Fujitsu hard drives (listed and not listed below). We provide highly professional and extremely cost-effective data recovery service worldwide. We recover data for all people around the globe, but the majority of our customers are from United States.

  • 500 Gb MHZ2500BT MJA2500BH
  • 400 Gb MHZ2400BT MJA2400BH
  • 320 Gb MHZ2320BH MHZ2320BJ MHZ2320CJ MJA2320BH
  • 300 Gb MHX2300BT
  • 250 Gb MHX2250BT MHY2250BH MHZ2250BS MHZ2250BJ MHZ2250CJ MHZ2250BK MHZ2250BH MJA2250BH
  • 220 Gb MHY2200BS
  • 200 Gb MHY2200BH MHZ2200BH
  • 160 Gb MHW2160BJ MHY2160BH MHY2160BS MHZ2160BK MHZ2160BH MHZ2160CJ MHZ2160BJ MJA2160BH
  • 120 Gb MHV2120AH MHV2120BH MHV2120AT MHW2120BJ MHW2120BK MHY2120BH MHY2120BS MHZ2120BS MHZ2120BJ MHZ2120CJ MHZ2120BK MHZ2120BH
  • 100 Gb MHU2100AT MHV2100AH MHV2100BH MHV2100AT MHY2100BS MHY2100BH
  • 80 Gb MHT2080AH MHT2080AT MHV2080BS MHV2080AS MHV2080BH MHV2080AH MHV2080AT MHW2080AT MHW2080BJ MHW2080BK MHY2080BH MHY2080BS MHZ2080CJ MHZ2080BJ MHZ2080BK MHZ2080BH
  • 60 Gb MHS2060AT MHT2060AH MHT2060AT MHV2060AS MHV2040AH MHV2060BH MHV2060AH MHV2060BS MHV2060AT MHW2060AT MHW2060AC MHW2060BK MHY2060BS MHY2060BH
  • 40 Gb MHR2040AT MHS2040AT MHT2040AH MHT2040AT MHV2040AS MHV2040BH MHV2040AH MHV2040BS MHV2040AT MHW2040AT MHW2040AC MHY2040BH MHY2040BS MPF3409AH MPG3409AH MPG3409AT

Data-R-Us is the name in data recovery world you can trust with no hesitation. But if you still not so sure that Us are the right company for the job, see for yourself what Data-R-Us worldwide customers say about their experience with us.

Fujitsu Recovery by Data-R-US in few words

Data recovery for Sugar Foods Corporation, Brian W., Sun Valley, California
The hard drive makes a repetitive clicking sound.
Thanks for your help in this case too. Your knowledge and expertise in the area is really impressive, you practically recover all of our drives we sent for recovery. We appreciate your business very much!

Data recovery for Daniel D., Durango, Colorado USA
The problem symptom - unable to access the drive; no attempts to recover, the disk could not be detected on CMOS level. Drive examined by certified Mac service shop. Tech said the hard drive has mechanically failed.
Thank you for your efforts and support in retrieving this data; it's very well appreciated.

Data recovery for Kimble Clay & Limestone Co, Dover OH USA
The hard drive failed after Power Surge
Thanks for your service; definitely we'll be using your company for all our data recovery needs.

Data recovery for Fred R. In-Home Advanced Technologies Narberth, PA USA
Trying to connect drive to a desktop using a converter causes the desktop to blue screen. Other laptop hard drives connect just fine using the same converter. Trying to boot the laptop with the hard drive causes the laptop to blue screen immediately.
Great job!!! The client is satisfied 100%, well so am I. Thanks guys again

Data recovery for QuikPro Equipment Services, Edmonton, Alberta
This hard drive was already in other data recovery company in Ottawa; they tried rewriting the modules, even using new controller hot-swap but were unsuccessful. Only one head was able to be activated.
Thank you for another successfully recovered job. You guys ARE incredible!

3.2" Fujitsu laptop hard drive
Removing failed Fujitsu Hard Drive from a laptop computer

Entrust your crashed Fujitsu to a true data recovery specialist. The wrong decision made in the beginning of disastrous situation might cost you an inevitable data loss. Data-R-Us has been restoring the lost data from the malfunctioning hard drives by Fujitsu for over two decades. We are truly the Professionals in data recovery business, delivering the best of the possible results. Our engineers succeed there where many have failed. Our clients are loyal to us: once they used our service - they do not look further! Our data recovery service is a guarantee of the high-rank professionalism.

In many cases we are successful to recover the whole operating system. Then a new hard drive may be used as a bootable clone of original disk. Check for details in Help section.

Fujitsu hard disk drive for notebook computer