Solid State Hard Drive Data Recovery

Professional Recovery Guaranteed

We support flash hard drives for data recovery. A solid-state drive (SSD) emulates a regular hard drive interface, but under the hood there are set of parallel NAND flash chips instead of spinning platters. The thing is the SSD drives are error-prone and can be source of major data lost situation.

If something is the matter with the flash drive, Data-R-US is always ready to help.

Flash Memory Data Recovery

Professional Recovery Guaranteed

Flash memory chips as data storage media are mostly used in memory cards and USB flash drives. Data-R-US specializes in USB flash drive data recovery, as we fully equipped and qualified to perform recovery operations for the most complicated and critical cases with lost data on NAND chip devices.

Important Notice: We do not provide data recovery for flash memory storages that were "repaired" with firmware utilities beforehand. Those utilities designed to re-program partially damaged memory chips. By running those utilities you might possibly repair your flash storage, yet make the data unrecoverable. And that's where it ends for your data.