External Drive Data Recovery

We live in the high-tech age. We rely on it, we depend on it. We collect information and trying to keep it for further use and it seems as, once it’s placed on the storage device – nothing will ever happen to it. But, the question is, can it be true? All of our big and small storage drives are very good helpers in our business or personal digital life. We trust our personal and business information to the external hard drive or external RAID systems. The contemporary external drives work flawlessly around a clock for many years. We store gigabytes of pictures, movies, emails, databases, various types of text documents, or just archives of old data, without even a single thought that one day it’s all may be gone. If the external storage device suddenly failed, the years of work and tons of memories in family photographs, movies, letters and documents may become inaccessible forever too.

Can the data be recovered or not?

For those unlucky owners of failed drives the only correct answer is to seek for help from the Hard Drive Repair specialists working in Data Recovery branch of computer science. Like Data-R-US lab or few other companies working with hard drives at least two decades. Because the hard drive must be not only repaired, it must be repaired safely for the data on the disks, and there are many pitfalls to avoid on the way to gain access to data. That job is only for highly experienced engineers working with data and drives on everyday basis non-stop.

Yes, it is a really simple advice to avoid the common mistake in underestimating the grave danger to the data and giving the drive into the wrong hands. Do not look for the hard drive repair and recovery at the computer repair dealership, shops, or computer store service departments. They may try to test your drive and kill the data, and then they will tell you to go to us. Instead, go ahead directly to hard drive recovery lab.

Again, do not take your irresponsive external or internal hard drive with data to people running ‘computer repair’ business, as that sort of repair is not going to solve your broken drive problem, but sometimes can really make the data recovery process much complicated and even lead to the permanent data loss. If the disaster has happened search for the data rescuer specialists with hard drive repair capability, but never the “computer repair service” – it’s very important for the data tech to receive the drive in for work, before someone “took a look at it”, besides, it gives you much more of a good chance to get your files back.

What else we need for the successful recovery

Normally, we don’t require sending to our lab of the external device in one piece (just bare drive is enough), unless it is a network drive (NAS - Network Attached Storage) or encrypted hard drive. If you are not sure, send the whole external unit and we take care of everything in the lab, because some of NAS or external boxes have its own hardware encryption mechanism we need to look into to decrypt data files for the normal usage. Sure thing, we recover data from the external arrays (RAID systems) too (check out the special page for RAID recovery).

Few Live Recoveries

National Tropical Botanical Garden Chipper W. Kalaheo, Hawaii United States: Toshiba MK5056GSY HDD2E61 500Gb

Unable to access the drive. Drive was working fine until the USB cable was accidentally removed while it was writing data to the disk. When you plug the cable in now it powers up but does not appear to have a FAT on it anymore. It asked you to format the disk. The recovery attempts include: - Tried hooking it up via a different disk controller. - Tried mounting using a Linux Mount command. - Tried a raw disk dump using DD
Thank you for the data recovery operation you performed on my external hard drive. Thank you for the prompt and excellent service.

On-Time IT Solutions Inc, Monroe, NY USA: Lenovo ThinkPad

Drive is failed in OS; makes clicking sound
I do appreciate very much the work you have done for us. We got the new drive with all our data back. Could not possibly ask for more. Fair DEAL!