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Wisconsin Data Recovery

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» Madison

Barrett Duan Madison

There was no noising or clicking before the hard drive was dead. It was dead after leaving the computer on for a night when it was downloading. Tried running disk utility a couple time, but it failed and it said the hard-disk was unmounted. Trying to connect to another Mac computer and function as an external hard-disk, but it was not detected by the other Mac computer. The hard-drive is still under warranty, so I hope the hard-drive can be returned to me in good condition, assembled, no missing parts, no damaged labels, no dents, no dings or scratches, according to Toshiba I hope the data can be recovered.

Thanks for recovering my data! It's really appreciated.

» Milwaukee

Nuh I. Milwaukee

Laptop was dropped and laptop was not able to detect the hard drive (unable to boot laptop). Onsite computer technician confirmed that the hard drive was not spinning.

Thank you for the data recovery service you provided in cloning the drive.


Corey S. LLC Delafield


Thank you for your efforts in this matter...

David A. A. Arpin

The screen went black and had white letters saying NO OPERATINGS SYSTEM DETECTED. The drive was not opened and no recovery attempts made.

This was our family PC with 4-years of pictures containing our 4-year old twin boys, the thought of loosing them was unbearable, and many thanks to you that we got them all back. Our gratification for your work is endless...