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» Seattle

George R. Seattle

Probably, heat-related situation. Put in USB enclosure. I think the drive BIOS worked in the enclosure, but no data.

Dear Sirs,
Thanks a lot for recovering my data! Excellent service and good experience.
George R.

» Tacoma

George C. Tacoma

Hard drive failed and could not boot the computer. Drive needs to be repaired or, at least the most important files must be rescued from bad disk. We have used data recovery software - and outside vendor efforts.
Data to recover in the first place: ALL User created Folders and files under the root and files under the My documents folder; Outside vendor was able to recover all standard jpeg files- but NO Raw photo data files such as *.cr2 etc.

Dear Data Recovery team!
Thank you so much for recovering my files, needless to say you've done it all and much more. Absolutely impeccable work at such affordable fixed price, as stated on your website! My highest recommendation of your professional services to every-, anyone


TJ L. Kennewick

I just restarted the LT at the end of my normal business day and it never came up. Listening to it indicates that it just won't spin up. Data recovery via software tools was attempted but since the drive won't spin up it failed.

I got my new drive with my recovered files are on. Thank you so much...

Ray L. Valley Christian School Spokane Valley

Dropped notebook; battery discharged due to bad power cable (both in the same night).
After recharge the system worked for a few hours. Attempted to load QuickBooks, but system locked and went to blue screen. Would not boot up after that. Makes small clicking sound.

We really do appreciate all your work. We'd like to let you know that we got back everything we needed and it's so great. A satisfaction more than 100%...