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» Baytown

Steve A. Bayer Material Science Baytown

Drive failed with no warning. PC would not boot up as usual at the start of the business day. BIOS indicate drive error.

Thank you for recovering my data! Thanks!!!
Steve A.

» Dallas

Luke S. Barse Dallas

Drive is failed in OS

Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it...

» Houston

Secure Sockets Laboratories LLC Houston

Laptop was working fine when hard drive started 'thrashing' for a while. It started making clicking noises repeatedly. Then the dreaded blue screen appeared. Subsequent reboots resulted in the same thing. However, the clicking eventually stopped, and now data accessed is EXTREMELY slow. I tried using Apricorn to do a sector by sector copy, but that failed.

Thanks for the recovery job. Kudos!

George H. Houston

Unable to access the drive

Outstanding Service! Thank you very much! George

» Midland

James B. GSWW Inc Midland

System had been experiencing random failures for a couple of weeks. HD was checked with Hitachi GST Drive Fitness Test with a report of no errors. Did replace MB cooling equipment and a video card which seemed to fix the system. Three weeks later the system had a random crash and upon re-boot HD was not found in BIOS. Further investigation showed drive was not spinning up. Tried drive in three different computers as a slave and result was the same, no spin up and no BIOS recognition.

Dear Sirs,
I'd like to let you know, that I got all data back and sincerely thank you for a wonderful job you provided...

» San Antonio

Elizabeth C. San Antonio

The computer is a Mac Powerbook G4, purchased in December 2003.
It began acting bizarre and shutting down or freezing with a black screen (with odd fonts and numbers), and many times was unable to wake up from STANDBY MODE.
It would restart but only to the first or two screens, then freezing again, on a few occasions with clicking or noises coming from the computer that sounded like it was looking for or running a CD.

WOW, you guys ARE amazing! Thank you for sending all of that to me; looks like all of my stuff. Thanks again!


Wol Med Denton

Drive is NOT visible in BIOS. Connecting to the different computers did not change anything, drive couldn't be seen by any. The data is extremely important, please help.

Thank for your help in restoring this very important data. Julie V.

Pat B. El Paso

Screen blinked briefly. Then flashing blue question mark appeared. I never could get into the desktop again. The hard drive was removed and another put in by a repairman.

Everything looks good, thank you for all your work.

Chris K. Ferris


I received the spare drive with recovered data and randomly checked many files. So far no problems with recovered data were detected. Please keep in the lab my original drive in case I find some corrupt files for extra recovery attempts if needed. Best Regards to best recovery Team!

Don T. Mission

Drive is not in BIOS; clicks


Chess S. Kingwood

I dropped my laptop and when I started it, the drive started making noises. I took it to the geek squad, who removed the drive and told me there was mechanical problems and they couldn't help.


Ed W. Denton

The hard drive failed in OS; making unusual sound (scratching)

Thanks again for your great job!