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Ken T.C. Johnson City

Drive belongs to nephew and niece. Another drive was purchased for the laptop.
Only attempt that I made was to put it into a USB drive carrier and see if my laptop would recognize it. Un-successful... no other attempts were made.

Thank you for helping us out. Thank you very much!


Rosemary P. Cookeville

Freezing the computer. The drive was removed from the computer by Cardinal Computer - they said they could not recover the data, but could send it off for us.

I'd like to thank you for what a great job you have done on my hard drive. My data such as so much info on family history, photographs, travel info, garden info, short stories and essays, fashion material and photographs, and much more all saved by you for us. I cannot even think that it could be otherwise. You are wonderful team! Thank you so much!

Chad S. EPRI I amp C Center Harriman

The web browser was sluggish, so I decided to reboot. It would not reboot. It gave me a blue screen - unmountable drive error every time. It wouldn't even boot in safe mode. I spoke to the IS guy and he told me to go to system recovery and run fixmbr and fixboot. After that, I never even saw the blue screen any more. We attempted to retrieve data by connecting it to a different computer, but we were unsuccessful.

I received my disks, looks I got all of my data back!!! Fantastic job! Thanks, Chad S.

Mark H. SME Franklin

Drive is failed in OS. The drive stopped responding in windows and would not boot. I have attempted to read drive as a slave in another computer and was able to recover some data off of the second partition. Bios will recognize the drive in all computers but no programs can read information on it. Have tried to load knoppix in computer memory, was not able to see the drive partitions. The most important data is all of my outlook information located on the first partition.

I must say it's a really amazing what you do, I cannot thank you enough for what you did by recovering my data! Best regards, Mark A.H.