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Oregon Data Recovery


Dane R. Corvallis

Failed in BIOS or CMOS. Drive spins up on power on but fails to be recognized by bios. No head slamming noises. Failed one morning when house was cool. That afternoon, tried again and booted fine. Wrote off some data to CD but had a system hang when connecting to a large backup drive. Had to power down and it has never booted since. I was mfg engineer for HP laptops and have recovered many drives myself. Even opening them sometimes. I uncovered the hidden screw, thinking I might open this one, but decided against it - It has NOT been opened. I suspect a firmware chip on the board has failed.

Thank You very much for what appears to be a near perfect recovery.

Craig C. Milwaukie

Freezing the computer; I first noticed that I had lost about 6-months of Contact info data. Then two weeks later the computer froze while I was downloading pictures from my camera. From there I could not reboot. I had a person diagnose the bad hard drive (would not spin) and had them put a new one in my computer. Now I'm in the huge need the data recovered from the old drive.

Thanks loads. Look I got it all here. Great work!!!

Eric P. Lake Oswego

The drive is in the original condition, other than it not spinning. Nothing has yet been done to it.

The HDD was received today. Thanks for your great work! I will recommend your services! Eric

Louis A. Aloha

just stopped being seen by bios.. did not spin..