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Oklahoma Data Recovery

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» Tulsa

Peter G., Tulsa

I was attempting to use a USB adapter to connect the drive to my computer externally. The connector was not keyed and I accidentally plugged the connector in backwards sending 5V through the wrong pins. I believe that the controller is bad as the drive no longer spins up.

Thank you...

Jim B., Tulsa

I heard a high pitch squeal noise like a bearing going out. It would squeal, then not squeal, then squeal again so I turned the laptop off quickly. Drive was in a 12-inch Apple iBook. The left palm rest area (above drive) was warm, but not more than normal, so I let it cool. It would not startup later, so I removed it from the laptop. It did not click or make other noise, but I could feel it pulse 6 times, pause, 2 times, pause, 2 times, pause a while then start over with 6 pulse, etc. but would not spin up. I opened the drive cover, but did not touch the heads or other devices. I closed the drive and cycled the power a few times. The drive started spinning slowly at first, then almost normal speed, but not full speed to start and show up as a drive.

Thanks for your quick, professional service

» Oklahoma City

The College of Medicine, University Of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

The external drive(My Passport Ultra) starts spinning with clicking noise for few seconds on unplugging and then re-connecting to USB port. The computer doesn't recognize the external hard drive. The disk icon is disappeared under device manager in windows. The support says that hard drive is defective.

I received an amazingly complete set of computer files including my projects in biomedical research program and the digital archive of personal photos and videos.