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New York Data Recovery

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» Brooklyn

Arma Scrap Metal Co. Inc. Dennis G. Brooklyn

Not spinning. The hard drive was replaced by Dell under service agreement. Attempt to recover data from computer store. They informed us of the need to send the drive out to a lab for recovery of information because drive was not spinning.

Sweet Deal!!! Thank you for all your help and retrieving our data. Hopefully we will work on our backups more carefully afterwards, but if something unexpected will ever come up... we know where to go. Thanks again Data Recovery Team!

» New York

Andrew R. NEW YORK

Major Failure: Not spinning. Drive was dropped. Sent to Data Recovery Company which offered free diagnosis but then asked for a huge sum to repair. There's a photos folder which would rank as the most important.

All looks too good to be true, including the results and the price, could I ever thank you enough for your outstanding services. I'll send my strong references to all my friends and business associates. You ought to be known!

Sugar Foods Corporation Doug J. New York

Unable to boot computer. A message with instruction: 'A disk read error occurred Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart' on every re-power cycle.

Thanks much on this one too. Doug J. Arthur Z. New York

The hard drive is clicking.

Thank U.. Arthur Z.

Arthur Z. New York

Have a clicking hard drive, after dropping computer on the floor.

Data u got so good, we make payment today and send u a drive to transfer files on to
thank u

Stephen B. New York

Unable to access the drive. The drive was opened. IT dept at work attempted to back-up. The USB cable surged and burnt out the circuit board.

Thank you, it certainly was a good work and a huge pleasure doing business with such oriented company like yours.

Sam R. New York

Certified Fujitsu dealer was unable to revive failed HDD and access my data. He recommended Data-R-US as a data recovery service with clean room repair facility designed especially for hard drive service. Please retrieve my documents, pictures and emails of the failed drive, as well as bookmarks, address books, music and movies archives. All of my personal data files were stored inside my user profile folder. No other files or folders outside that profile are needed.

I would recommend your company to anyone who needs a data recovery services. Very positive experience.

Scott K. New York

Hard Drive shut down, computer could not reboot. Doesn't not show up in bios, doesn't work on an enclosure. Took to a local place and they said they couldn't do anything, they thought there was damage to the head disk assembly.

Thank you for recovering the data! Thanks for your attention to this matter in such prompt timing.
Scott K.

Sugar Foods Corporation Doug J. New York

We are unable to access data from this WD hard drive. The noticeable symptoms: Drives spins up when powered, makes few loud clicks, sows down and stops. In few seconds the process repeats again, three total spin-and-stop circles and then drive comes to the complete stop.

Thanks for this one too. Doug J.

Joseph S. ACBS New York

- Erratic behavior for a few minutes then complete system failure.
- Tried some data recovery software, did not work...

Thanks a lot for recovering my data! I'll recommend your great service to anyone who has the need in data from the failed drive.
Best regards,

» New York City

LaptopMD New York City

Failure Symptom: Clicking noisy drive. This customer's external hard drive fell off computer desk and when plugged back in makes a beeping noise. The client requires retrieving all folders from the root directory and full list of recovered files.

~90+% files were successfully recovered


Bryan G. NYC

Was running application Photoshop CS2 with approx 900 images opened in Camera Raw. Selected all images to be saved as JPG's for my client. Gave the computer ample hours to work, did not interrupt it. When I returned the spinning wheel was still spinning and the computer was not responding. I attempted to force quit and it was still not responding. I shut down the computer by pressing the power button, and then turned it back on moments later. At that point the computer would only enter its initial startup screen with the grey background and apple insignia on it, nothing else. Restarted several more times but to no avail. I brought the drive to a data recovery center in NYC to have it repaired and diagnosed. They wanted $2500 which I felt was no less than an absurd and took back my computer. Time is of the essence, I have deadlines that must be met and appreciate your quick and thorough attention to this matter.

Thank You, thank You, and thank You! I cannot describe my gratitude for what you did by saving my data. God Bless You!

» Old Bethpage

Bruce B. Old Bethpage

I was transferring images across the network to the drive and then got a blue screen error. On reboot the drive did not appear and could not be found. Got the clicking noise form the drive every few seconds. On reboot-drive not found and not recognized in BIOS.

Dear Sirs,
Thank you for saving my data, your great work is much appreciated. I think I could not be asking for more, just flawless in any way.
Thanks a lot,

» Rochester

Stanley L. Business Performance Engineers Rochester

Drive was making too much noise, no attempts to recover.

Thanks for recovering the data,
Stan L.

» Yorktown Heights

Carol S. Yorktown Youth Soccer Club Yorktown Heights





Drive is spinning, not recognized by Bios or Cmos. Drive moved to 3 different machines one was same make and model, same results Bios/Cmos does not see drive, tried to boot off Norton Ghost CD did not see drive, tried same with partition magic, same results.

I got the discs with the data, everything seems fine so far. Thank you for your quick and outstanding work of recovering my data, it's greatly appreciated...

James J. Pittsford

Unable to access the drive
Removed drive from laptop and put into USB enclosure. Connected USB enclosure to another Windows XP computer. Computer recognized USB drive was attached however it could not read the drive and asked if the drive should be formatted. Said no and disconnected drive.

Thank you! very pleased with your work and price policy in recovering the data...

Andrew K. Liftech Equipment East Syracuse

Hard drive makes an unusual clunking sound, like it's got the loosen parts inside; not in Bios.

Thank you for recovering the data in such professional manner, simply flawless transaction...

Michael H. Clifton Park

Makes clicking sound, computer will not recognize the drive (neither as the boot drive nor as a slave drive).


Stephen J.B. Mahopac

Drive makes noisy sound; not in BIOS

Thank you for your help, your efficient work!

Moses H. On-Time IT Solutions Inc Monroe

Drive is failed in OS; makes clicking sound

I do appreciate very much the work you have done for us. We got the new drive with all our data back. Could not possibly ask for more. Fair DEAL!

Richard M. Tonawanda

Drive failed in OS, not in BIOS, when spinning makes a loud noise.

Thanks for the quick turn-around and great results. Again, thanks for your help!
Best Regards,
Richard M.



Thank you so much for recovering my data. I'm very pleased with the results...