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Ade M. Electrofunk Records Inc. Detroit

Drive is NOT visible in BIOS; failed in OS

Thanks for your expedited services!


Sidney K. Bingham Farms

HD does not spin. Tried unsuccessfully to recover data using HD enclosure.

Thank you for recovering my files...

DMC Software Inc. Grand Blanc

Below are the headings and summaries of reports on two Western Digital drives, one a 120 GB drive and one an 80 GB drive that I gave to a firm in Baltimore to see if they could recover some of the files for my daughter. This firm wants $1900/drive to recover these files. This seems a bit high as the drives do not seem to be physically damaged in that the directory structure seems to be intact and all of the files are listed as 'Good' and do not have to be 'repaired.' In addition, I only want to recover two or three folders from each of these drives, things like My Documents, My Music, and the Identities folder that contains the Outlook Express email files. I can't afford to recover the data on these drives at anything near the price that the Baltimore firm wants. What do you think? Would it be worth sending these drives to you for recovery after I retrieve them from Baltimore? These drives were damaged when I tried to plug the power cable into a DVD drive while the computer was running.

Thank you for your efforts and reliable services; great value for money too!!
All the best,
George H. B.