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Massachusetts Data Recovery


Jim L. Top Layer Networks Inc. Westboro

Drive DOESN'T SPIN; NOT visible in BIOS

Thank you for the quick turn around and amazing recovery results. Fantastic job!
Jim L.

Douglas E. Dennis

The Laptop began to boot very slowly and act funny. I did eventually get the blue screen of death. I figured it had a virus. I tried to boot it several times and it didn't bring the OS up. I replaced the drive with another one. Yesterday (two weeks after crash). I attached it to an external USB device and tried to copy the photos to my new drive, but it hung and started making 'click, click, click--beep, click, click, click--Beep' noises. I stopped trying to copy, and put the drive in a static bag for you guys. Drive was never opened. I don't know if any specific event caused this to happen. The laptop does see quite a bit of abuse.


Jon C. Any Design Monogram Embroidery IncJon Melrose

We placed a floppy in the computer and the screen went black. Attempts to reboot the PC failed. The BIOS no longer sees the drive. We tried the drive in another PC and the drive was not recognized by BIOS either.

Thank you for recovering our data! very much appreciated.

Top Layer Networks Westboro

Unable to access the failed drive. We need you to recover for us all files and test few important ones.

Once again, thank you for all your outstanding work in recovering our data. We are very please with the results of the data recovery process and your amazing services in achieving those results.

Andres B. KoolConnect Technologies Chestnut Hill

I had the external drive in my pocket and it feel from about a distance of 2-3 feet. When I connected the external drive to my PC it did not auto-detect. When I listen to the drive it makes a light clicking noise and then just stops making the noise and then the indicator light on the drive dims as if no activity is happening.

Thank You!

Brian V. Wellesley

The hard drive is not spinning

I shopped around a lot, very carefully, and after a couple of outrageous estimates and one grim experience turned to Data-R-Us. I found Data-R-Us to be a highly professional and very competent recovery service and to top it all the work is done on a very reasonably priced tariff. I would strongly encourage anyone needing first class data recovery to look to Data-R-us first and be grateful they are there. Professor University of Ottawa (ret.)'

C.H. Provincetown

Numerous screen freeze moments; lead finally to fatal error. Tried to restart a few times; then tried to retrieve info (move to new HD with master/ slave) to no avail. HD was not opened.

Thank you very much for your excellent services, for recovering my data.

Michael C. Top Layer Networks Westborough

The hard drive pwd is formula1.
Drive just would not startup this morning. Was tried in another laptop and did not work. Drive from other laptop put into the laptop this drive normally sits in and worked fine. Therefore problem isolated to a disc drive problem. Drive appears to make a small amount of noise, but not much - clearly seems that it is not spinning. Drive not opened. No other recovery attempts.

Many thanks for your outstanding recovery service you provided to recover our data. It was not our first time we used your company for our recovery needs and it is always A+...
Mike C.