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Paul H. Cedar Rapids

Unable to access the drive.
It seems to be a head crash. It makes a rattling noise when shaken. It has not been opened. Best Buy techs just confirmed it didn't work before giving me a replacement (under warranty) and returning it to me for data recovery.

Thank you Data Recovery Team for your outstanding performance in recovering our data! It saved us a lot of money from not buying the studying books over, our photos, our memories that is priceless!!! May God Bless You All!!


Jeremy McD. Central College Pella

Drive is failed in OS

Thank you,
Jeremy McD.

Richard G. Pella

The hard drive is clicking and very noisy on start up.

...nice work! Thanks a lot for you help with my trouble...

Jeffrey P. Cambridge

Computer had a blue screen error message, then would not reboot.
-Tried to use OS restore disk (to repair), but it could not find OS or hard drive.
-A tech friend looked at it and said that it was mechanical failure (whining or humming noises).
-Took to Best Buy (for warranty) and they determined it was not software related and gave a new drive.
-Sent to another data recovery place (Nationwide Data Recovery in Miami) which could not retrieve any data (they use the wrong drive for parts first, then got the correct model number, but the parts (thermal something?) had the wrong number (he said that there were 8 different types of drives manufactured with the same model number)

Thank you so much for expediting our case! for recovering our data when the others could not help at all. Thanks again for outstanding service.

Brian G. Marion

I remember shutting the laptop a bit hard the night before this happened, but that is about it. Next morning I turned computer on and got a 'Disk read error' along with 3 distinct clicking sounds that repeat in a very regular manner. The drive has not been opened and has the original parts. I think the bad drive was just about full, so if you don't get a full recovery, please let me know what does get recovered. Critical files located under My Documents folder. 'My Pictures' folder and sub folders are the most important, especially folder named 'Brian' in My Documents folder. IE Favorites, files and folders on Desktop are needed too.

I was very skeptical that you would be able to recover all or any of the information on my drive due to the clicking sound that it was making, but I was ecstatic to receive your email outlining the directory structure contained in my drive along with specific files still intact. Although this is an expensive lesson to learn, it's a small price to pay to recover all of my pictures and documents collected over the past several years. Thank you so much for your competent and reliable service. The detailed information you provided as a result of your investigation was more than enough to convince me that you could in fact recover the information. I will definitely recommend your service to others.