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» Los Angeles

Christopher H. Los Angeles

pretty sure it's a motor failure on the spin - has slowed down over the course of a week to completely useless. I have not tried to open it, but from listening to it, it seems pretty clear.

Thanks for your efforts...

Hernan R. Los Angeles

Drive is very NOISY; NOT visible in BIOS; failed in OS. I suspect the head block failure.

Thank you for doing such great job. I am very excited!
Hernan R.

» Los Gatos

Tiffany S. Los Gatos

Minor power surge from incorrect power supply used on portable drive. Disk powers on but will not spin. Appears to be a Bios failure will not boot but data should be intact. I only care about the getting the photos from my vacation back.

Thank you for recovering my photos, we're so much thankful to you for your professional services...

» Manhattan Beach

Jeff McC. Manhattan Beach

Drive clicks and spins and not in BIOS

Thank you for all your patience and most for your well done work and recovering all my school files...

» Sacramento

Andres M. Sacramento

Nothing occurred before failure except possible power adapter surge. I used it during the day and it failed to start up same evening. I received this message: 1720 -SMART Hard Drive detects imminent failure (Failing Attr: 01)

Thank you and have a great day :)

» San Francisco

Daniel L. Bank of America San Francisco

Drive DOESN'T SPIN; NOT visible in BIOS. Either mechanical or electrical HDD failure just stopped working one day while powered on.

Thank you. Dan

» Sun Valley

Sugar Foods Corporation Sun Valley

Drive is failed in OS and inactive on external USB port


Sugar Foods Corporation Brian W. Sun Valley

The hard drive makes a repetitive clicking sound.

Thanks for your help in this case too. Your knowledge and expertise in the area is really impressive, you practically recover all of our drives we sent for recovery. We appreciate your business very much!

Steve L. Sun Valley

Drive is clicking

Thanks again for your great work. We'll definitely be using your company for our data recovery needs.

Sugar Foods Corporation Sun Valley

Drive DOESN'T SPIN; failed in OS

Data-R-US team as always was very helpful in recovering Sugar Foods corporation's data from broken computer's hard drives.

Sugar Foods Corporation Brian W. Sun Valley

The hard drive is making a constant loud clicking sound. All files are important, but critical data must be recovered as soon as possible, the list of folders is attached to this job order.

Thanks for your outstanding services again. Brian

» Walnut Creek

Abe Engineering Walnut Creek

Drive is NOT visible in BIOS; failed in OS. Had an error message about no writing to hard drive, then computer froze up and would not reboot. Checked drive in other computer as slave and Said that C: needed to be formatted but D was OK. The data I need is on C:

Thank you for your support in saving the data. I'm very happy with the results and the whole process overall. It was really easy on my side )))
Best Regards, Steve A.

» Woodland Hills

Charlen H. Woodland Hills

Hard drive is not spinning; tried to insert the drive to an external casing attempt to read the drive, did not work.

Thank you for recovering my data...



The computer failed to boot. I hired a computer repair man and he determined that the hard drive was the cause of the failure.
We noticed that the drive produced no clicking but we were not sure if the drive was spinning. A drive name did appear on BIOS but it could not be accessed.
After some time of examination the drive was cold compared to other drives in the system.

Dear Sirs,
Your work is much appreciated, thanks a lot got restoring my data.

Roberto R. M. M amp N Lambretta Oakland

Quick repetitive clicks inside the hard drive; drive was removed and tested in local computer repair shop, the guy recommended Data-r-us, he told me you recover any bad drives at good price.

Very good recovery, thanks to your repair techs.

Anil J. Xoft Inc. Fremont

Hard drive in laptop PC is very CLICKING and NOISY.

Thanks much for getting my data for me. Anil

Rob S. Pro Planning Group Burbank



Minh T. San Diego

I have a malfunctioning hard drive, a 320 GB of total capacity. No access or reading is possible, and it is clicking when power on. Original parts, has never opened. Recover All Data and examine important. Save all files if possible.

I reviewed the recovery results and so far I can say: all seems great! or even better. Anyway, it is much more than I expected, after going through a few data recovery places, before I, Thank God, found you, guys. You definitely were the right people for this job. Thanks a lot! I am so happy!

Sean M. Sean Murray Cinematography Burbank

Computer crashed while I was using web browser, then computer would not reboot. It hung up on an error message saying that some file in Windows was missing. Could not get restarted.
Took computer to CompUSA. They tried to save my data, but could not, I had them install new hard drive and give me the old one back.



Not powering on at all.

You have done the GREAT work, of which I really appreciateā€¦

Patrick N. Oakland

sudden appearance of 'NTLDR missing' message on boot. No drive noise. BIOS auto detect taking 30-45 seconds to recognize drive and then incorrectly.
Dealership where computer and drive purchased attempted recovery. Reported they were never able to see the drive. They swapped the PCB with an identical model, fully functional, and moved the disk capsule (without opening it) to another identical unit with same results.

Thanks a LOT for you GREAT work...

Greg C. Rancho Cucamonga

Motor bearings seem to be failing. I can read data for a while if I keep the drive wobbling.

Thank you for successfully completing data recovery off my failed drive. Greg

William F. Hermosa Beach

Unable to access the drive; an attempt was made to recover data by Hollywood Data Recovery of Los Angeles. Based on their preliminary evaluation, they advised that clean-room technology would be required. They did not expose the drive and returned the unit.

Thanks for your services! You have done a really great job! much appreciated...

Louis S. VineYard of Harvest Walnut

Drive DOESN'T SPIN; NOT visible in BIOS; failed in OS.

Dear Sirs,
Thank you very much for providing your excellent service and recovering our data. Thanks again.

Daniel R.J. Saugus

Possible electrical issue. Hard drive is seen by bios, but is reported as failed.

I'd like to thank you for your outstanding service; I will recommend it to anyone who needs their data back!
Thank you very much,

Jens N. Berkeley

The hard drive with data was removed from IBM laptop and tested and diagnosed by technician at American Tech in Berkley. He suggested the specialized data recovery for failed hard drive service. The critical data files and folders list is attached - please follow our instructions about priority of files.

I was very pleased with your Straightforward, competent and friendly service. Anna N.