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Alabama Data Recovery

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» Birmingham

Michael S. Birmingham

Drive makes CLICKING sound. Got an error message stating 'I/O hardware failure'. Tried to reboot. Got message stating that the Registry was bad. Then it did a physical memory dump. Then I tried to restart the computer and got a message about a disk read error. Also, I cannot connect it as an external drive either. No recovery attempts other than trying to connect it as an external USB drive. The drive was not opened. It has all original parts. No recovery attempts made.

Thank you very much for all of the help

Lance R. Birmingham

Hard Drive is not in BIOS; makes unusual ticking sound.

Appreciate your excellent work in retrieving the data!
Lance R.

James J. C. Birmingham

My computer will not boot, it doesn't even try to load windows into safe mode for automatic repair. The hard drive makes repetitive noise. There is an error message on the black screen: 'No boot device is available, press Enter to continue'.

The result is completely successful, Thank you very much.

» Huntsville

Tom H. Huntsville

Unable to boot computer

Thanks! your services are very honest, just as it is stated on your website - no gimmicks! Absolutely professional!

» Alex City in Tallapoosa County

Management Control Alexander City

Major Failure: Not powering on at all.
Recover All Data and examine important
'Documents and settings'

Hello Recovery team,
I'd like to let you know that we received the disks with the data and all files look just perfect. Congratulations on very well done job. We will spread around our recommendation about your services: high quality at very competitive price of $490!