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Dominic H. Queensland

The hard drive is clicking; Drive was not moved over the last few months. It started with occasional problems while starting up. Yesterday, I left the laptop on over night and this morning, the screen said: Operating system not found. Several attempts to start it failed and another laptop could also not access the hard drive. I would like you to only backup the folders listed in the attachment. However the most important section is located in 'ProgrammeGemeinsame Dateien'; This section only contains the programs (and related content) of the shared document section. I would require the entire content of the shared documents (gemeinsame dateien). I would guess that the folder would be called something like: ..Dokumente und Einstellungen Gemeinsame Dateien. I would appreciate if could retrieve these files.

Yes, this is ALL we needed. Best regards from Australia, Dominic


The hard disk is clicking. The drive has not been opened. It was removed from laptop installed in external USB HDD case. No access to data, very noisy drive.

Your great work is very much appreciated.

Michael O H. Rosanna Vic

I have an aluminum G4 Apple PowerBook running Mac OS 10.4.11. When attempting to re-use the computer which had been in sleep mode the computer wouldn't come back on. I tried to reboot several times. The grey screen with the Apple symbol appeared with the spinning scroll underneath. That's as far as it got. A grating sound was noted on startup. I shut down the computer & took it to my local Apple reseller. They replaced the hard drive but said they couldn't recover any files from the old disc.

Just a short note to let you know that what you were able to do with my damaged drive was nothing short of a miracle. You were able to recover just about everything & for that I am truly grateful. Thanks once again

Dezso N. Quinns Rocks Western

Clicking hard drive, I cannot access data. Makes few clicks, then stops. Don't fix the drive, but restor files.

Your help in recovering our files is greatly appreciated. We are very satisfied with the recovery results and all for the price that is unheard here, down under.