Data-R-US recovers data for Canadians too!

Here, you can read some of the comments from Canadian clients.


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Saskatchewan Data Recovery

» Saskatoon

The Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN), Saskatoon

First blue screen then rebooted but BIOS did not detect presence of hard drive. No spin, no noise. It was hot underneath so suspect PCB.

You've been very helpful all the time and made my meltdown situation less painful by recovering my data in full and giving me FTP access to those files I needed for my 9 am meeting. Thank you so very much, Martin

Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations, Saskatoon

Heat damage - likely burned out parts. Laptop didn't properly go into standby. It will not detect the hard drive.

I much appreciate the work you company provided. I could not ask for more, at the end everything got to the spot where it belonged in the first place. Thank you for your outstanding services. I will definitely recommend your services to the others, and might use it myself if such issue should come up (hope not). Best regards, Martin P., Project Manager, Health and Social Development Secretariat