Data-R-US recovers data for Canadians too!

Here, you can read some of the comments from Canadian clients.


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Ontario Data Recovery

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» Guelph

Craig D. Comtech Manufacturing Guelph

There was a power surge that lead to the failure.
Drive was not opened, all original parts.

... everything worked just fine. Thanks a lot!

» North York

Mihail S. Cleanfield Energy Corp North York

1. Only Winddows was working
2. Clicking noise (happened before without anything bad happening)
3. At computer start-up got the message 'no operating system found'
4. Any other attempt to restart the computer had lead to the same message.
5. Removed the drive and connected to USB port via NexStar external HD enclosure - not seen by other computer as an USB device.
6. Packed in 6 zip bags and put in the freezer for 10h. Re-tried to retrieve data - no success
7. Open HD for a bit (good, clean environment) to see if I there is something loose. Nothing suspect and enclosed back.
8. No software or firmware recovery attempt

Thank You very much,

» Sarnia

Kevin M. Sarnia

This crashed HDD is the original drive, it has not been opened. One attempt was made, would not power up - no success, inaccessible in any external device or internally in the computer.

I received DVD-disks with recovered files in the mail and I must say that I am delighted that you were able to recover my missing data.

» Toronto

Pam F. Toronto

The computer was making a clicking noise, but it would still boot. Evenutally it stopped booting. We took it to a local computer shop and they got some but not all of the files.

Thank you. This is a pretty amazing job you have done on our hard drive. We are so pleased with the results as all our files are back, nothing has gone missed. I would recommend with a confidence your services to the others as they'd searched for ones.

Konrad W. Workbrain Toronto

Drive DOESN'T SPIN. I attempted to use this drive as a secondary in order to retrieve the data but noticed it wasn't spinning.

Thank you for doing a great job of saving my data!

Kristina S. Toronto

Drive DOESN'T SPIN; NOT visible in BIOS

Thank you for your great work. I am very happy to see that you have been able to recover my data!
Thanks again,
Kristina S.

Klippensteins Barristers and Solicitors Toronto

No recovery attempts aside from trying to power up a couple of times until noticed clicking sound; Drive unopened and has original parts. The important files required to retrieve from bad drive: Current Thunderbird email files (large) and small Outlook PST-file with current calendar.


Douglas L. Toronto

The drive became noisy. I thought the fan was malfunctioning. I shut it down and had the drive replaced by Fujitsu (the notebook is an S series Lifebook) I plugged the drive in using a USB connector but it would not spin.

Thank you for recovering my data on such prompt base, really appreciate it.

Stuart M. Crystallex International Corporation Toronto

Drive is NOT visible in BIOS; We get a disk read error message and the machine will not start in any mode.

... so much pleased with the results of our recovered data; not to mention how fast the job was completed... so we could continue with our work in practically no time...

SF Partnership LLP Bryan W. Toronto

The hard drive started making a loud CLICKING sound; failed in OS.
1. Working on laptop, sudden failure. Appears the HD has become unoperational
2. Attempted to connect HD to an external USB device - FAILED
chkdsk /p from Windows Recovery Console - FAILED
Hitachi Drive Fitness Test - FAILED
chkdsk /r from Windows recovery console - FAILED

Thank you for saving our data! ... much appreciated and very grateful for your honest work and amazing prices!!...