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Here, you can read some of the comments from Canadian clients.


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QuikPro Equipment Services, Edmonton

The hard drive is clicking. Our client OPENED the drive! Nothing replaced.

Thanks for all your help with this case.

QuikPro Equipment Services, Edmonton

Drive tries to spin up, (you can hear it re-trying continuously) but cannot initialize. I have had this before on another Toshiba. The motor is seized.

Thank you for helping us out with this one too. Great job is great done

QuikPro Equipment Services, Edmonton

This hard drive was already in other data recovery company in Ottawa; they tried rewriting the modules, even using new controller hot-swap but were unsuccessful. Only one head was able to be activated.

Thank you for another successfully recovered job. You guys ARE incredible!


Major Failure: Unable to access the drive

I wanted to let you know that the new clone disk works just fine. It saved me a lot of time and even more money by choosing your company to fix my disastrous situation... now it all behind and I can thank you endlessly for your great work!!! Thank you so very much!!!

QuikPro Services, Edmonton

Freezing the computer; drive is timing out during reading, and crashes the system; no trauma, just stopped working properly.

Good result

Data Rescue in Edmonton, Alberta

The failed laptop's drive is clicking and noisy.
Authorized Apple dealer informed customer that the drive is damaged. Some MAC OS was installed on the computer.

Thanks for your great work and continuing support.

Data Rescue in Edmonton, Alberta

Bad hard drive is not powering on at all. It's not spinning. Purchased a NEW replacement controller (included in this shipment), tried it, but that was not the entire problem - the drive STILL does not spin even with the new controller.

Thanks for all your help in getting data for our customer.

Data Rescue in Edmonton, Alberta

Disks are not spinning.
Tried replacing controller card - did not work.

Our compliments for your awesome work. You've done is again.

QuikPro Services, Edmonton

The hard drive is clicking; making a lot of noise.

Thanks a lot for your awesome work!

Data Rescue in Edmonton, Alberta

HDD Failure: Freezing the computer. Froze on Imager. Drive was NOT opened. All parts are original.

Your help in recovering this customer's data is greatly appreciated.

Data Rescue in Edmonton, Alberta

Clicking/noisy sound from the failed drive, please recover all under user profile.

We really appreciate of all your support in recovering this customer's data. Very well done! The customer care department is fantastic!

Data Rescue in Edmonton, Alberta

Laptop's drive is clicking, if computer is on. I don't need that drive to be fixed for further using, just rescue my files with important data: Intuit Quickbooks qbw-files, photos, emails, excel and other MS Office documents.

Thanks on the great delivery effort on our last order! Awesome results!

QuikPro Services, Edmonton

Not spinning. This drive was presented to us from an IT contractor on behalf of their customer.

As always, great doing business with you.