10 Reasons to Choose Data-R-Us as Your Data Rescuer

Here at Data-R-Us we do know what it's like on the customer side. There are no jobs too small or too big, as well as we do not do "one size fits all", but rather carefully tailor the solutions to the customer's needs, focusing on getting the job done right so it will produce the best outcome.

We are giving you 10 reasons to choose our company to fulfill your data recovery needs to a complete satisfactory:

  1. Free Diagnostic or Evaluation
  2. No Data - No Charge: No up-front payments or payment information are ever asked
  3. Fixed rates as an ultimate value-for money solutions. No deceptive pricing or “firm quotes” for multiple thousand dollar price ranges like many of our competitors
  4. Online access 24/7 to check the latest updates on the data recovery process
  5. All engineering and data recovery performed by Data-R-Us trained and certified technicians in-house at our Toronto facility. No involvement of a middle-man
  6. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or no charge
  7. Full recovery report containing the listings of recovered data along with the samples of recovered files from the listing or if still not convinced any file sample of your choice
  8. Strictly confidential service & Fast turnaround time
  9. Data recovery from all makes of hard disk drives and RAID arrays
  10. Outstanding friendly customer care at your service 24/7

Still not so sure that Data-R-Us is the right company for the job? Read the testimonials below (and more on other pages around this website) and see what Data-R-Us worldwide customers say about their experience with us.

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